PRP Injection

PRP Injection is another Regenerative Medicine technique but with this technique you actually do not inject any Stem Cell. PRP stands with Platelet Rich Plasma. The characteristic of PRP is that it contains natural stimulating and nutritive factor that basically stimulate the stem cells that exist in the tissues we inject it into. This modality works well in tendon and ligament tears where there is no retraction of the ends of the torn tendon or ligament. It also works well for muscle tears.It is also used for arthritic joints. 


Some recipients of PRP therapy are Kobe Bryant, Bartolo Colon and Tiger Woods to name a few. The response to platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment varies. Most patients require two PRP treatments and some patients require more. For severe problems, additional PRP injections may be necessary. Some people experience immediate improvement, but most of the time it takes approximately six weeks to respond to platelet rich plasma treatment.


Emcyte Corporation has recently come out with a top of the line system to use for this procedure.