Pricing and Payment


Our policies, fees and insurance questions answered here.


Here is an important question. Why invest in your health? 


Investing in your health is just that – “an investment”. Unlike other investment such as material or financial investment, health investments should provide you with gained energy, strength, and stability, among many other benefits. What good are material things without the one true gift of good health and feeling good about yourself?


            At Dr.Dieguez office, we strive to achieve that ultimate goal for you- that goal of being healthy and active without pain and feeling good about yourself. However only you can decide what is fair and “worth the investment” when it comes to out of pocket cost for your healthcare especially when it comes to Regenerative Medicine. We will strive to instill in you the feeling of “that was worth it” when you come to our office to see Dr. Dieguez for your care.


            At our office all prices are explained up front and neither treatment nor lab-work, therapy, acupuncture or any other treatments are initiated or ordered without the patient’s prior approval. That is why a consultation or pre-procedure visit is always schedule without exception before anything else. 


            We respectfully request that patients pay in full the portion they are responsible for at the time of service. Our office accepts all major credit cards except American Express, and we also accept cash (or any combination of the above). If we are participating providers with your insurance company and the service we provided to you is a covered service, we will bill your insurance company and you will only be responsible for any copay, co-insurance or deductible you may have.


Four Groups of Patients. 

At our office we are very aware of the problems some patients are having with their health care needs and we have tried to come up with ways to accommodate all of them. Having insurance coverage does not always means having access to care. In fact it may become obstacle at times! Our philosophy is to do our very best to accommodate everyone. To better visualize the issues we separate the patient as belonging to four big different groups;


1.-Patients with insurances we are participating providers with.

            In this group of patients all they will have to pay out pocket will be their deductible and any co-pays or co-insurance, as long as the treatment or procedure planned is considered a covered service by the insurance company. That’s the catch! 


2.- Patients with no insurance

            Unfortunately not everyone can afford insurance due to financial hardships. Insurances have become so expensive that many people can't afford them. Don't worry, we have created a solution for you. 


3.- Patient in mixed circumstances with insurance we do not participate with. 

            In this group we may find: 1. Patients with financial hardship and a very high deductible who need a more affordable option, 2. Patients who want better care not provided by their insurance, 3. Patient facing delaying tactics and having to jump hoops as required by their insurance companies before getting the care they need, 4. Patient facing delaying tactics from their primary care doctor who runs an HMO and is incentivized (paid bonuses) not to provide the referral to a specialist for the care the patient needs to save the HMO money, 5. Patient with insurances that hardly anyone accepts. 


4.- Patients with or without insurance wanting treatments not covered by insurance companies.

         This group is made up by patients seeking non-covered services by insurance companies, such as Prolotherapy, PRP or Cell therapies and other non-covered service or treatments offered at our office.  


Payment Options


1.- Group one above where we are Participating providers. 

         For covered services we will bill your insurance. It is unfortunately your only choice. You are responsible for deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance and we have to collected it. 


2.- Groups two and three above.(No insurance or with insurances we do not participate) 

         For patients in any of these predicaments and with financial hardship, we wanted to do all we could to give them access to the care we can provide. We have accomplished this goal in three ways:

A)  Affordable flat cash rates for the following: 

                         **Consultations, Initial visits and follow ups such as: 

                                             New Patient specialist consult    $ 110

                                             Establish patient specialist visit   $ 80

                                             Procedure follow up specialist visit  $ 45

                         **Precision Guided Injection. 

                                        Vary in Price. This prices do not include supplies or Fluoro/ultrasound guidance. 

                                             Minor procedure  $ 75  + Fluoro/US  

                                             Intermediate procedure  $ 115 + Fluoro/US

                                             Major procedure Lumbar/Thoracic Epidural $ 200 + Fluoroscopy/US

                                             Transforaminal Epidural  $ 300 + Fluoro/US


                         **Electrotherapy Session 

                                             Therapy 45 min. session $ 65 each


                                            Initial Consult with Meridian Mapping - $130

                                            Additional Treatments - $85/Session

                            (We have different acupuncture packages available that will save you even more money.  Please inquire)

                          **Sensory NCS - $ 125


                          ** Fluoro and US guidance  $ 100


                          ** Urine drug screen  $ 25


                          ** Supplies for non-regenerative medicine procedures (varies) $25 to $50


                            ** Fee for filling out forms  $15.00


B)   Easy payment plan. (Inquire about it at your first visit) 


C)  Private care contracts. (Coming soon) These are becoming very popular now a days, specially with primary care physicians. Some of them are completely opting out of participating with any insurance including Medicare and Medicaid.


3.- Group four above. (Patients wanting treatments not covered by insurances eg Regen Medicine)

         For services that are not covered by insurance such as Regenerative Medicine treatments including  Prolotherapy, PRP or Stem Cell therapy and others, there is only the option of paying for this services up front with either cash or credit card depending on the case. We have tried to maintain the prices of these treatment significantly lower than he competitions but they are not cheap due to the time involved and the supplies cost. 

                                   **Consultations, Initial visits and follow ups:

                                             New Patient consult $110.00

                                             Establish patient $80.00

                                             Procedure follow up $45.00

                                   **Prolotherapy Lower Back - $650/per treatment

                                   **Prolotherapy Mid Back - $650/per treatment

                                      **Prolotherapy Neck - $650/per treatment 

                                     **Knee, Shoulder or Hip (each) - $475/per treatment

                                      **TMJ (each) - $275/per treatment

                                      **Wrist, ankle and elbow  (each) - $420/per treatment 

                                      **Heel (each) - $350/per treatment

                                   **Foot and Hand (each) - $400/treatment

                                   **Toe(s) or Finger(s) (depends on quantity treated)   -     $275 for one. $40 each additional

                                      **Tailbone (each) - $350/treatment

                                   **Pure PRP - $600/treatmentn (added to the cost of Prolo when combined) 

                                     **Pure PRP alone - $1200/per treatment  (not combined with Prolotherapy) 

                                   **Stem Cell Therapy with BMC. Includes booster with PRP in a month - $5875/per treatment

                                     **Fluoroscopy/ultrasound guidance - $100

                            Supplies:   Price varies depending on procedure and market value. 




It is important that you are aware that we will not be providing controlled substance prescriptions of any kind. If this is what you are looking for, you need to go elsewhere. Don't waste your time or mine or your money for that matter. 


Fee Guidelines.

The above list has been provided as a guide for determining expected cost for various specialized services we provide.The actual price may be more or less depending on the exact areas being treated and what treatment you received. For example, two areas may need to be treated. At your New Patient Consultation Visit all the alternatives and costs will be explained to you and you will be able to ask and get answers to your questions.

(Pricing for treatments, medications or consultations are subject to change at any time)