Our Facility in Saint Augustine Fl


We are the only facility in St. Augustine exclusively dedicated to the treatment of musculoskeletal orthopedic conditions by non-operative minimally invasive means. We perform the full gamut of interventional procedures, including epidural injections, facet blocks, sacro-iliac injections, joint injections etc., always using the latest techniques and the most modern equipment available. We always use disposable equipment when possible, to avoid dangerous cross-contamination and to minimize the risk of infection. Additionally, all of our procedures are done using precision guidance by either utilizing fluoroscopy or ultrasound to ascertain correct and precise placement of the needle. This allows us to use the minimum doses of medication, avoiding unpleasant side effects and dangerous complications.

We are proud that we were the first facility in St. Augustine to use orthobiologic products. We are definitely the most experienced. At our facility we have held several demonstrations of the procedures on life subjects with both local and regional doctors attending to learn the procedure.

Additionally we are one of the two only facilities in Northeast Florida and one of eight facilities in the entire state of Florida offering Proliferative therapy. Go to www.getproplo.com and check it out. Proliferative therapy is a technique consisting of injecting tissue-irritating substances, such as hypertonic glucose (sugar water), among others, into the tissues. These tissue-irritating substances called proliferants stimulate healing, tissue regeneration and repair when injected into precise points called the enthesis. Basically the enthesis is the point where tendons and ligaments attach to the bone. The proliferant when injected into these very precise points stimulate tissues to proliferate (therefore the name Proliferative therapy) and heal. When injuries occur, the area may not heal completely due to lack of proper treatment or poor blood supply. For this reason, ligaments, joints and tendons heal very slowly and poorly. If left untreated or not treated correctly, damaged ligaments become loose, allowing bones in the joint to shift with excessive movements, causing pain, muscle spasms, and eventually arthritis. Aging can have the same effect. Arthritis occurs in the joints and spine as a result of instability in the structures supporting them. Prolotherapy can intervene by stabilizing the structures and decreasing the progression of pain, degeneration and aging. If you are interested in Prolotherapy please call our office and we can send you an informational packet on the subject.

 Attention to the patient's comfort and well-being is assured during every step of the visit. A visit to Dr. Dieguez's office begins with a comfortable waiting room. Putting it simply, "preceding, during and following treatment of your chronic musculoskeletal and arthritic orthopedic condition, my staff and I will make every effort to see that you receive the best and most sensitive care available.”

 When you come for a consultation, the doctor will spend sufficient time so that you don't feel rushed. By providing us with your primary care physician's name, will assure that we keep him or her informed of your progress.