Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that you may have about us.


1. “Do I need my old MRI x-rays and old records?”
You can certainly bring any radiologic imaging that you have already had performed. If you do have an MRI, please bring a copy of the written MRI or x-ray report. Results of recent lab work, done within the last six months, may be brought to your visit, if you feel they are pertinent to your current condition.


2. “Will I be expected to pay on the date of my appointment?”
Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover card. Check out our Pricing and Payment policies section.


3. “Is Dr Dieguez office part of any insurance networks?”
While we are not a part of every insurance networks, we are part of the major insurance networks like United Health Care, Blue Cross & Blue Shields and Medicare and Medicaide. However, some of the treatments and services we provide like for example Prolotherapy, PRP, Stem Cell Therapy and others, are not covered by any network. Additionally most insurance policies, even when the service provided is covered, have either a copay, a co-insurance and/or a deductible. You will be responsible for whichever of those charges your insurance company does not cover or pay at time of service.


Dr. Dieguez office provides our patients with an invoice of what they paid us. It is then up to the patient to submitted to a PPO insurance company for possible reimbursement. The invoice will reflect that you paid in full and reimbursement should be sent directly to the primary/patient. Invoices can NOT be submitted to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or HMO plans. Our billing company will not get involved in your dealings with your insurer.


We cannot, however, guarantee any insurance reimbursement. Please feel free to ask us any specific questions, and review our Pricing and Payment policies section.


4. “How long is the visit?”
The average new patient visit is approximately forty five minute to an hour. If you are receiving a Regenerative therapy treatment such as Prolotherapy or PRP or BMC Stem cell therapy and it was preplanned like that, then the first visit may take up to two hours. If you are being seen for multiple body areas, the visit may run longer. For follow up Prolotherapy treatments, the visit is approximately 1 hour.


5. “Will I get Proliferative therapy on the first visit?”
If you are traveling from out of town, and the reason you are coming to Dr. Dieguez’s office is to receive Prolotherapy, plans can be made ahead of time so you can receive it the same day of your visit, provided that your body can physically handle it. If your Prolotherapy specialist feels that your general health is too poor, he or she may suggest certain laboratory testing first.


6. “Can I drive after proliferative therapy?”
In most cases, driving is not a problem after you receive Prolotherapy. You will feel a little stiff, but mobility is not limited. In fact, some movement is helpful after Prolotherapy. However, if you have your neck treated, we do not suggest driving immediately after Prolotherapy. In addition, if you required any oral medication for sedation that increases drowsiness, you must have a driver after Prolotherapy.


7. ““Do I need to eat before my appointment?”
Unless advised otherwise by Dr. Dieguez, patients coming in for Prolotherapy must eat before the appointment. Please eat a good-sized breakfast with protein before coming in for a morning appointment, and eat a good-sized lunch with protein before coming in for an afternoon appointment.


Patients in whom any kind of sedation is being planned are not to eat or drink anything four hours before the scheduled treatment.


Thanks for taking the time to read through our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have other questions about your upcoming visit, feel free to contact us. We want to make your appointment as enjoyable as possible!

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