Medical Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine

Why acupuncture? 

Job related stress is far and away the leading source of stress for adults. Acupuncture for stress management is very helpful to manage your stress before it gets the best of you. It can reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression by increasing relaxation, calm, and balance in the individual, thereby increasing their sense of wellness-being. Medical acupuncture is extremely useful, not only because of its effectiveness in treatment of the physical body, but also and perhaps more importantly, for its ability to penetrate the layers of defense and coping mechanism that our patients exhibit.

Combining the knowledge of a Medical Doctor with acupuncture and other ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment methods such as cupping, application of local heat, etc. is becoming a common alternative. This is especially appealing if you consider its safety and effectiveness in addition to being a drug free alternative. 

We have developed various specific acupuncture program


     1.- Weight lost program.


     2.- Low back pain program


     3.- Sinusitis program 


     4.- Smoking sensation program